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Lost Classmates

3 years 11 months ago - 2 years 6 months ago #9 by FHSAA
FHSAA created the topic: Lost Classmates
Each year, those classes having a reunion, sometimes spend hundreds of hours attempting to locate their "lost" classmates. You can help your class and possibly some other classes locate their missing friends. Peruse the enclosed list. If you have any information as to where someone is, please help us makes their friends happy. Please fill out the form under "Contact Us" here on this website. The information will immediately be forwarded to the proper class committee. This information is held in the strictest of confidence.

"Anderson", Carol
"Applegate", Karren, Merle
"Avenell", "Judith "Judi", Carol
"Banegas", Olivia
"Barbato", Linda
"Barry", Judith Ann
"Bostian", Patricia "Patty", Ann
"Bowers", Barbara, Diane
"Bue", Donna, Sherrill
"Cardena", Virginia
"Carozza", Janet, Carol
"Casey", Patricia McCart
"Casey", Sandra, Lou
"Cassimus", Barbara Bobbitt
"Chan", Doris
"Cherry", Constance, Craven
"Clacher", Eleanor, L.
"Cox", Andrea, Janice
"Crawford", Cynthia, D.
"Cross", Camelia
"De Fendis", Carolyn
"Decker", Ciotti, Judith, L.
"Dong", Silvia
"Donovan", Patricia, M.
"Driver", Morgan, Laurie, F.
"Economy", Helen
"Ehrenburg", Ann
"Fine", Dona
"Golding", Marritt, Judith, Ann
"Gomes", Betty Lou
"Graham", Glory Laffey
"Greenleaf", Susan Mary Klaesson
"Harsila, Shiela, Louise
"Henderson", Beverly
"Johnson", Judy
"Johnson", Pearl, Marie
"Johnston", Julia "Julie", May
"Jones", Nancy, Lee
"Kirkendoll", Wallace, Marian
"Knight", Evelyn "Marie", Marie
"Kruse", Sherilyn Agnes
"Lamanuzzi", Shearer, Judy Anne
"Lawrence", Marie, Elaine
"Lefler", Janice, I.
"Litton", Judith "Jackie", Lee
"Mendez", Carolina "Carol"
"Miller", Sheryl "Sherry", Dianne
"Mills", Janet, Lenore
"Minter", Virginia, B.
"Montgomery", Susan
"Mortland", Mari
"Mullins", Leona
"Munger", Carol, A.
"Murray", Leslie, Frances
"Olean", Consulo "Connie"
"Patterson", Patricia
"Pattillo", Nina "Lillian", Lillian
"Perry", Madelaine, A.
"Peterson", Bonnie
"Peterson", Linda, Kay
"Porter", Dorothy, Jean
"Quinn", Joan Theiss
"Robertson", Saxton, Bonnie, Jean
"Romano", Drayton, Jeanne
"Schmidt", Carol
"Schneider", Sandra, Jane
"Shook", Barbara, Sue
"Shouse", Davis, Sandra
"Shuemake", Hocking, Betty "Carol", Carolyn
"Silva", Theresa
"Smith", Donna
"Smith", Shirley
"Stewart", Catherine, Nadine
"Stieers", Darlene, Carol
"Thompson", Betty
"Thompson", Saput, Judith "Judy"
"Turner", Juanita
"Van Beurden", Marie, Jose
"Vega", Barbara, Ann
"Villines", Norma, Lee
"Vooreis", Carol, Evelyn
"Wallace", Barbara
"Wasson", Janis
"Weber", Marlene, Kay
"Weisbrod", Enne
"White", Dorothy, Diane
"Whiteman", Sharon
"Wilson", Connie, Ruth
"Wooley", Janice
"Worstell", Caldwell, Nancy
"Young", Sylvia
Addington, David, Wayne
Anderson, Dennis, Eris
Blair, Melton, A.
Buck, Roger
Cherry, Frank
Clark, Calvin
Clough, Bob
Clugston, Darrell
Cole, Eldon, E.
Cole, Robert
Davis, Walter Jr.
Dukes, Everett
Eschol, Allen
Geise, Tom
Graves, Sterling Dale
Haddad, Peter
Hughes, John, H.
Jarvis, Michael Hurley
Jones, Glenn, T.
Kirkendoll, Wallace Marian
Krinberg, Ira
Layne, Douglas
Lerma, Stanley, M.
Macedo, Marvin, Joseph
Martin, George James
Martinez, Fidencio Jr., Perez
Marty, Jerry
McGonegal, Jerry Lee
Michaelson, Douglas, C.
Munger, Donald, M.
Neely, Gary, Dean
Nichols, Ronnie
Nylander, Keith, Victor
Ortega, Lloyd
Parker, Michael "Mike"
Pasco, George
Pasco, Marc Anthony
Pease, Herbert
Pena, Joseph, David
Penland, Douglas, Martin
Petty, Lynn
Phillips, Larry, K.
Pratt, Stanley, R.
Renna, Dennis
Richards, Vincent
Shermer, John
Sleeter, Michael
Smith, Charles, W.
Smith, Stephen
Snetzinger, Phillip, Edward
Soto, Steven
Stefanelli, John, W.
Thurman, Larry, Arthur
Tucker, James
Vincent, Johnny
Waddel, Willard
Walton, Richard, Melvin
Weitz, Thomas "Tom"
Whaley, Robert, Mel
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