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Lost Classmates

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Bennett, Vicki Louise
Bishop, Juanita
Blair, Charlotte Louise
Broadway, Betty Lou
Camareno, Ruth
Cameron, Edith Ann
Cass, Carol Ann
Cavanaugh, Sharon "Sherry"
Chan, Florence
Clark, Connie Janice
Clark, Gordon A.
Daigle, Charlene Alma
Dennis, Michelle Lee
DeWitt, Elanore Mae
Dugan, John
Dutton, Julie Ann
Emery, Susan Reba
Fike, Janice Marie
Frost, Laura Marie
Granto, Barbara
Grasteit, Sidnee Elouise
Gregory, Wanda
Harrison, Delia
Hayes, Betty
Hearn, Carolyn
Jenkins, John Charles
Johnson, Donna Dae
Kawakami, Susan Joy
Khagavi, Eskandar
King, Virginia Lee
Koll, Darlene
Lobree, Christine "Chris" Webb (Gardner)
Mallman, Carole
Marvin, Cheryl Ann (Thomas)
McDuffey, Gayle Annette
Miles, Penelope
Moody, Eva
Morris, Harla Jean
Panone, Silvana
Percival, Marjorie
Phillips, Alice Elizabeth
Pretty, Judy Pauline
Price, Georgia Katherine
Rogers, Ken
Russell, Margaret Jane
Sanders, Virginia Frances
Singer, Joanne Jody
Smith, Robert
Speaks, Della Marie
Stark, Judy
Thompson, Phyllis Ann
Verlinde, Suzanne
Wentland, Margaret Ann
Wise, Mary Kathleen
Wright, Janet Ella
Yarnell, Jennifer Lee
Zavala, Francis
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