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Lost Classmates

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Akers, Mary Perry
Allen, Richard
Arnold, Sara
Baker, Pete
Barbur, Betty
Bartram, Jack
Bausman, Charles
Bell, Betty
Berg, Herbert
Bergeron, Barbara Belcher
Bergh, Florin
Bigge, June
Blohm, Patricia
Boggs, Shirley
Bratcher, Dick
Brawley, Patricia
Briggs, Robert
Brown, Don
Cagle, Billie
Capriola, Peter
Carter, Billie
Carter, Verna Simon
Caulkins, Carolyn Sims
Christa, Dale
Christman, Katherine
Clements, Mary
Cole, Beverly Rose
Compton, Mary
DeWitt, Joe
Duncan, James
Earsley, Joan
Eich, Charles
Erickson, Richard
Erickson-Strand, Carolyn
Ewart, Kenny
Faith, Bev Van Camp
Farley, John
Fitzgerald, Grace
Fries, Kathleen Gruce
Fuller, Diane Mansfield
Ganiatsos, Tom
Gardner, Ann England
Goncharoff, Nick
Gorman, Nancy Weaver
Grabs, Carol Frith
Green, Jacqueline
Gurrola, Arthur
Haar, Sharon Anderson
Hall, Bruce
Hall, Phyllis
Hammond-Susac, Carolyn
Haydock, Wray
Herman, Gerald
Hicks, Donna
Hietsch, Walt
Hiller, Janette
Hogendorn, Jon
Hogue, Andy
Hueter, Ann
Hutchinson-Olive, Phyllis
Ingraham, Vance
James, Jack
Karsten, Myrtle
King, Betty
Kinnet, Susan
Kline, Mary
Kramer, Kay Shipman
Kruger, Lynn
Kuhlmeier, James
Lahanas, Jerry
Lozano, Geraldine
Mac Donald, Donald
Madden, Dolores Kelly
Maniscalco, Charles
Manuel, Despina
Marston, Isabell Jaeckel
Martin, Bill
Meeks, Walter
Mitchell, Joan
Moushigian, Charles
Mullings, Delores
Noble, Delores
Paige, Dick
Peterson, Gary
Poder, Sirje
Popp, Gladys McKillop
Poznoff, Ellis
Rains, Donna Harris
Rains, Shirley Howard
Ray, Howard
Rennick, Daniel
Rush, Shirley, Hodge
Rutherford, Carol
Savala, Joyce
Saville, Tom
Schmidt, Don
Schoener, Nancy
Schultz, Wanda
Scott, Douglas
Sigler, Bill
Smith, Richard N.
Smith-Okerson, Rosemary
Spiller, Doris
Squillace, Anthony
Talmage, Jone
Taylor, Daniel
Thompson, Marie Olling
Thompson, Marilyn
Tupper, Myrna Diane
Van Tassel-Dickerson, Janet
Vidaurri, Rosalie
Ward, Patricia Travis
Wardlow, William
Warner, Bernice
Waters, Lawrence
Weaver, Jimmy
Weidner, Don
Wilder, Donna
Williams, Louella
Williams, Shirley Jones
Wingo, Pat
Yocum, Carl
Young, Barbara
Young, Stanley

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