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In Memoriam

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Arbuckle, Joyce
Aronstein, Ervin
Baker, Ray
Beasley, Bill
Beaubier, Julie Fitzpatrick
Berlin, Heiman, Sheila
Booth, Gary
Bridges, Allen
Chez, Paul Jr.
Chitjian, Norman
Cobb, Morgan Earle
Contino, Dick
Copeland, Mack
Curan, Robert, Michael
Dettinger, Pat Hall
Dixon, Lyle Keith
Doyle, Burton
Ellis, Charles
Erickson, Carlyn Strand
Erlick, Morgan
Forrester, Sally Farris
Freeburg, Maciel, Elaine
French, Marvin "Bud"
Fries, Albert
Gerard, Allyn K.
Gimbarti, Ronald "Ron"
Gorham, Euchre "Duane"
Gray, Barbara Marsh
Gray, Pearson, Carolyn
Griffith, Ted
Hebert, Joseph
Helzer, Shirley A. Sudden
Henricksen, Erle
High, Wayne
Hobbs, Howard Edward
Hoopengarner, Herschel
Huckins, Gary
Jackman, Irwin
Jepsen, John
Johnson, Annalee
Johnson, O'Rorke, Joanne
Kallman, Allan
Kelly, Donald "Don"
Kerr, Thomas "Tom"
Kuhlmeier, William
Lima, Donald, Roger
Lindegren, Eugene
Lombardi, Marian
Looney, Verfurth, Nedra
Maas, Phil
Malan, Joel Brent
Marlette, John
McMaster, Mickey
Merkel, Popovich, Marilyn
Moore, Dalton
Ochs, Herrick, Barbara
Pasco, Joyce Arlene Rhodes
Petroni, Vincent
Poffenberger, Wise, Kay
Ragle, Larry
Renner, Elam, Kay
Renning, Phillips, Mary
Robbins, Betty
Roby, Young, Patricia "Pat"
Rue, Larry
Scarbrough, Betty Lou Laval
Schwarz, Sandy Ponsart
Sisco, Gailen
Sleeter, David
Smith, Richard, Raymond
Smith, William, T.
Tate, Jerry C.
Thaxter, Thomas
Tipton, Jack
Trombetta, Bianchini, Patricia "Patty"
Tyner, Richard
Van Der Veere "Morse", Warren
Verble, Gumbiner, Judy
Vind, James
Wachhold, Ellis, Patricia "Pat"
Walker, Stanley "Stan"
Weibe, Richard
Wendel, Robert, Donald
Wenig, Herman Richard
Wiebe, Staniford, Carolyn
Williams, Johnny
Williams, Tipton, Lynda
Wilson, Linda
Winter, Keith
Winther, William "Bill"
Wright, Robert "Bob"
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