by JoAnn D'Ambrosio Woodward (1958)

Twelve ladies from the class of 1958 got together at the home of GariLee Schneider Cave at the end of May, 2010. Planned meals were coordinated, games were played and laughter filled the house for four days. Each person was to construct a hat without letting anyone else know what it was like. One evening was a planned dinner out at Dorn's restaurant; hats were then placed on heads and all walked through the restaurant for diners to view. Fun was had by all.

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by JoAnn D'Ambrosio Woodward


2001 THROUGH 2013.

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by Jim Doyle (1967)


We are assembling a list of Fresno High alumni who are military veterans. If you are a proud member or have served at one time or another in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard or National Guard, we would like to know who you are.

by Jackie Boyajian (1960)


As mentioned in previous newsletters, I put out a call for yearbooks that have been made available by previous owners. I will also list these on the Fresno High Alumni Website and as they are purchased, I will remove them from the list. The prices will vary according to the year and their condition.